• It is a pleasure working with Warren; he has earned respect from both the team and leadership. He has good work ethics and an excellent attitude. He has been able to adapt to the ever changing environment with ease and he is always willing to take on more, and ensures that he follows through with what is on his plate. I would like to thank Warren tireless efforts, contributions and dedication to the development team, Telus and the Clients.

    Warren is very strong developer and delivered many projects this year. He played a key role in the success of data centre migration project. Both data centre move and BI projects are a big success story for the year.

    Masroor Khan, TELUS Team Leader
  • Since 2000, Higher Ground Management (o/a Higher Ground Management & Extreme Alliances) has utilized the services of Warren Christian and ArcticWeb Solutions to supply our companies with web marketing. Since first meeting Mr. Christian, I have found him to be an extremely personable developer, whom is always leading our companies into new and innovative forms of marketing on the web.

    We truly recommend Mr. Christian and his company, ArcticWeb Solutions, for all of your needs.

    In addition to working on our website, we have had Mr. Christian work on electronic presentations and business cards that we have utilized to spread our company’s message around the world. At the present time, Mr. Christian has completed a redesign of our current website, and is working on a number of email campaigns that will assist us in grabbing even more attention from potential clients.

    Derek Charlton, Higher Ground Management
  • Warren and ArcticWeb Solutions has worked very closely with our company Vista On Line, as well as a number of other companies of ours for over five years. Warren has shown excellent judgment and design skills in his work for our company. He is meticulous in his work ethic and has stood by his work with dedication and skill.

    The projects done by ArcticWeb have ranged from small website modifications to full blown multi-page dynamic website creation.

    l would recommend Warren for any project that requires skill and imagination in the design and implementation of a web-based communications project.

    Clay Perrault, Vista On Line
  • Overall, Warren’s work, and that of ArcticWeb Solutions was of a professional quality, on time and on budget. His inter-personal skills were outstanding, helpful and friendly, and in fact we enjoyed working with him so much that we have retained his service to conduct staff training. I highly recommend the services of ArcticWeb Solutions and Mr. Warren Christian.

    I am very pleased to take the opportunity to provide a letter of reference for Mr. Warren Christian. Warren recently responded to Ta’an Kwach’an Council’s Call for Proposal to design, develop and construct a web site. The timelines were extremely tight, as it was developed in order to promote a 90-day Land Claim Ratification process currently underway. On top of that our product needs at the start as the process were unclear as this was Ta’an Kwach’an Council’s first website.

    Warren was able to walk all of us at Ta’an Kwach’an Council through the steps of selecting the interface design, outlining the options for graphic compression and HTML publishing, assisting us in scanning and image enhancement, content publishing, formatting and setting up an interactive E-mail component. His guidance in marketing and site promotion and hosting was also very useful.

    Ann MacDonald, Administrator, Ta’an Kwach’an Council
  • Warren Christian and ArcticWeb Solutions have worked with us at Yukon Harley-Davidson over the past year to develop our corporate website, printed materials, promotional artwork, and multimedia presentations. The quality of work throughout this process has been outstanding.

    This website design and web-based marketing strategy have greatly increased our exposure and original Yukon Harley-Davidson product sales. We have logged thousands of hits on our website; we get excellent rankings on the search engines; and we have received many compliments on the design of our website. Personally, I think it is the best Harley-Davidson site yet!

    Warren has a solid understanding of web-based technologies, and is committed to creating new and innovative designs for us, and all his clients. It has been a pleasure working with him and ArcticWeb Solutions, and we will continue doing so into the future. We believe that Warren’s expertise in web design and multimedia can benefit any company. We highly recommend his services to anyone in the market for web design, multimedia presentations, print and graphic design, or any computer-related venture.

    Blayne Epp, Yukon Harley-Davidson